Here are grouped the food places with whom we have a partnership.
We have special prices for the ESN Card holders so check it out below :-)
You need the "Réseau Rennes 2" sticker on your ESN Card. Ask us if you need it !

Deiz Mat Burger

Location : Sainte Anne
15 Place Sainte-Anne

A good burger is a Breizh burger !

Since you are a student, you already have discounts on some menus.
If you want to eat something else, thanks to the ESN Card you have 10% discount on everything...
...Well, except for the student discounts and the alcohol. 


Location : Sainte Anne
17 Rue de Penhoët

Meat. Potatoes. Burgers. Fries. Sauce.
All of this homecooked with a Canadian/Quebec spirit !

For the ESN Card holders, 5% discount on all formulas !

Domino's Pizza

Location : Sainte Anne & Cesson Sévigné
3 rue saint-malo
9 rue de rennes (Cesson Sévigné)

Want a pizza for a little warm up ?

For the ESN card holders, a medium pizza to take away with a 33cl drink (without alcohol) for 7€ !

Amour de Pizza

Location : Villejean
3 rue de Bourgogne

2 medium pizzas : 11€, 3 medium pizzas : 15€
2 large pizzas : 18€, 3 large pizzas : 25€

Fresh Burritos

Location : Sainte Anne & République
Sainte Anne : 1 Rue Saint-Melaine
République : 18 Rue du Pré Botté

1€ discount on menu + 1 free cookie !

Black Temple Food

Location : Sainte Anne
1 Rue Saint-Louis

5€ for a box (1€ discount)
Quick menu for 5.90€ (1€ discount)

Ethnic Food

Location : Saint Anne
3 Place Sainte-Anne

If you buy a menu, you get 1 small french fries OR 1 cold drink OR 1 warm drink

Ali Baba

Location : Sainte Anne
19 rue Saint-Michel

Maxi Kebab/Tacos menu + french fries + drink for the normal price : 6€ (1€ discount)

La Rozell

Location : Sainte Anne
14 Rue de Penhoët

Special Menu for 9,90€ :
Galette : Complete or Vegetarian
Crêpe : Butter / Butter-Sugar / Homemade chocolate / Butter-Sugar-Lemon / Salted Caramel Butter
Coffee or Kir Breton

Malek Taouk

Location : Sainte Anne
21 Rue de Penhoët

From Thursday to Sunday :
1,50€ discount on plates
0,80€ discount on sandwiches
Menu with sandwich + french fries + soft drink for 9€
Breton Beer for 3,50€

Végéstal (Vegan Grocery)

Location : Sainte Anne
12 rue de la Visitation

5% discount on the entire store

Herbosaurus (Vegan Restaurant)

Location : République
2 rue Jules Simon

5% discount from 12pm to 3pm
10% discount after 3pm

Magic Pills (Candy store)

Location : Sainte Anne
Rue de la Visitation

10% discount, 15% on the bulk

QK Confiserie (Candy Store)

Location : Sainte Anne
12 Rue Pont aux Foulons

10% discount on the entire store