ESN Rennes is the principal international students association in Rennes.


Every year, our facebook group, gathering the international students in Rennes, has between 1500 and 2000 people.
One of our main role is to make the stay of exchange students as memorable as it is rewarding.
Throughout the year, the activities are proposed and led by our great team of student volunteers
For that, when you arrive in Rennes, our association and its members:

  • Welcome you (parties and welcome events)
  • We help you to integrate in our beautiful university town
  • accompany you in your new environment by answering all your questions
  • organize evenings, cultural trips and events for international students
  • and much more!

Whether you are an Erasmus, foreign doctoral researcher or student outside Europe in exchange or even French student looking to make international friends, do not hesitate and join us !