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Rennes : the city and the asociation

60 000 students are living in Rennes, around 10% of them are International students. Every year, 6000 to 6500 international students arrive in Rennes for a semester or a year to study in the capital of Brittany.


The city had to provide a structure capable of receiving and integrating international students. “Rennes Sans Frontières” (literally Rennes Without Borders) was founded in September 2009 and quickly became successful. As from the start of the semester several projects are started and completed. “Rennes Sans Frontières” is a member of the Erasmus Student Network since February 2011 and work with the “Université Européenne de Bretagne” (European University of Britanny).


ESN Rennes has established itself since its creation as one the main Rennes’ associations for the integration of international students in the youngest city in Brittany. Through the year, ESN team up with nightlife actors so that every week international students have a place to meet other students (international and local ones). Every month, theme parties are organized by the volunteers of the assocation, where owners of the ESN Card get cheaper prices, bringing together as many representatives of the interbreeding of Rennes as possible, in a party atmosphere.


The association’s activities goes far. In order to help theses temporary French citizens discover this new country, ESN Rennes also organize trips and tours during each semesters. The most famous ones are the visit of the city of Nantes with the help from our friends from ESN Nantes, the wonderful trip to DisneyLand and the trip to the castles of the Loire and its beautiful (and tasty ?) wine cellars. (Some of these trips may not be available)


Each year the association develops more and more its cultural events and now offers, among others, international dinners, an introduction to oenology (wine and cheese evenings) or the “buddy system


Finally, the dynamic team of volunteers in ESN Rennes is available to help you at their best on the facebook group or page, but also via email.